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Writing a Journal Article Critique

An article critique/article review does not require intensive library search since the article to be reviewed is usually the main source of information. The article being reviewed is usually cited at the beginning of critique process. Guidelines for reviewing an article vary from different tutors, lecturers and professors. Writing an article review is different from other forms of writing in the sense that it uses present tense. Summary of the main points in an article is usually provided in the first paragraph. Other paragraphs address different aspects such as the conceptual framework, methodology, samples used, relevance of the study and problems encountered.


Points to consider when writing an article critique

  • Objectives of the article
  • Theoretical framework
  • Conceptual framework
  • Arguments made by the author of the article
  • Methodology
  • Evidence based on samples and data
  • Ethical issues
  • Relevance of the study
  • Conclusion

The writer should consider the objectives and goals of the author that facilitated the study. In addition, the conceptual framework should be analyzed. This frame work could be implicit or explicit in some journals and therefore the writer should be able to determine the method used and its relevance to the study.

Primary data is firsthand, meaning that the researcher obtained it through measurement or counting techniques. Secondary data is obtained from already published materials such as databases and documentaries. Secondary sources are the most used materials in academic researches.

The writer should also consider whether arguments in the article are evidenced by data from specified samples. It is also important to determine whether the samples used are significantly large enough to yield satisfactory results. Ethics should be considered as the writer should determine whether the author of a given article was professional while undertaking the actual study. The writer should also be able to assess. The write and relevance of the study. An article critique is usually written for academic purposes and therefore professors may require the students to include their own personal reactions to the article. This relates to how the article is important to the future studies of the learner or how it integrates with the contents of courses learned. Journal article reviews are written for experts who are knowledgeable in specific fields of study. These include tutors, lecturers and professors. As such, they do not just check on the contents of the article but they also consider ability of the writer to assess the ideas and judgments of the author. The last part is the conclusion which ties up all the main points addressed


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